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April 05, 2007

Hallowell Center in Athens. Greece

      I just came back from a visit to Athens, Greece.  It was a combination of business and pleasure, as my wife Sue, and our 17-year-old daughter, Lucy came too.  For those of you who have never been to Athens, it is nothing short of awe inspiring to visit the Acropolis and wander around the columns of the Parthenon, imagining what it must have been like all those years ago, as Western civilization was being born. 

      I was also there to speak to the Near East and Southeast Asia association of independent schools, or NESA.  What an impressive group of people.  It is so intructive to learn that children are facing the same issues regarding excessive pressure and excessive fear everywhere around the world.

      I also had the chance to visit the Hallowell Center for Learning Difficulties, which is located at the American College of Greece. John Bailey, the president of the college, and his wife Irene have set up the center.  It is now starting to grow.  I met with the staff as well as some teachers and parents from Athens and discussed their concerns.  It is clear that the strength-based approach, which I so deeply believe in, is needed and wanted in Athens---and everywhere.

     I feel that I am on a mission now to bring this strength-based approach to as many places as I can.  I want to help everyone unwrap the gifts they carry in their minds.


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Steve Kindred

I'm looking for someone in the LA area who can diagnose me. I'm 54 years old and a successful radio broacaster, but have been suffering from what you call the turbo mind all my life. I'd like some peace and quiet inside my head so I can write a book I've never been able to start because of lack of focus.My psychologist takes Focalin and thinks I would be a good candidate for this treatment. Please help!

Steve Kindred

Amy Happ

We have been coming to the Hallowell Center for five years and it has changed our lives. My 14-year old son had to write an essay on his hero, and he chose Dr. Hallowell. We are on our way to Greece over April vacation and are thrilled that these services are being provided for people around the globe. A thank you is simply not enough. Your center and the programs offered have kept my family whole, my son and daughter happy and productive, and made live worthwhile again!
Thank You!!

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